Reading those articles give me some hints about how to present the information effective and efficient. Which way is considered to be the best way to convey the information? The development of infovis actually has more relevant to scientific technology or humanity development? What is the difference between information design and information visualization. The former deal with the data that already has a clear structure, the later discover the structure of a data set.(Lev Manovich). And what kind of visualization is more convenient to the public?

Lev Manovich discuss talks about two important principles of visualization. First is reduction which means that infovis uses graphical primitives to show the relationships between objects. The second is spatial variable to represent key difference in the data and reveal patterns and relationship, which means that colors, textures and other visual parameters are less important than size, shape and position. Manovich also discuss the media visualization methods, opposed to the information visualization, preserve the original form of data. Such methods of presenting data create a better way for both authors and the audiences to understand the meaning of the data pattern.(Lev Manovich)

Finally, Manovich also mentions the relationship between visualization and humanity. Known from the sciences, humanity more focus on one issue rather than the general laws, which means that displaying the actual visual media are more helpful for people to understand a single artifacts. However, will the media visualization, which contains the original media artifacts, show too many information in front of audiences and finally vague the theme of artifacts? Whether media visualization is more efficient or less? That may need to be considered.